Ways To Make Airbnb Cleaning Service Stress-Free In London

Cleaning of your Airbnb space must be one of those stressful activities you wish doesn’t exist. As lovely as the city of London is, it is a popular place to visit for a lot of travelers.

Having nice Airbnb accommodation is a nice and easy way through which you can make some money on the side. However, the maintenance of the high standard that comes with owning an Airbnb accommodation business is the catch.

The host or hostess with the highest ratings and reviews on the Airbnb site gets the highest rate of occupancy. The standard to maintain to keep up with this rating is the real piece of work.

As an Airbnb host in London, one of the enticing features of renting out your accommodation is the accompanying passive income. However, there is the stress that comes with cleaning and maintenance service after your guest must have left, and new guests are on their way.

Highlighted below are some of the ways of making your Airbnb cleaning service stress free in London

  • Finding a Professional Cleaning Service

While striving to maintain the set standard for your Airbnb accommodation, professional cleaning service is part of the stress-free mechanism you could employ to maintain that high standard. 

Your guest would be expecting to get the same quality they got from their hotel room while heading to your Airbnb accommodation in London. Although the cost of your rental is far cheaper than the hotel rooms, they will still expect a clean place of accommodation all the same.

Professional cleaning service is one of the best at maintaining these standards for you. With well-trained housekeeping team, they are always ready to help you with your accommodation cleaning services. They are essentially the secret cleaning service weapon in the host’s arsenal.

  • Periodic Deep Clean And Maintenance

A clean and well-arranged Airbnb accommodation is one of the best things that earn you positive reviews on Airbnb. To maintain your accommodation top standard, you should carry out periodic scheduled maintenance and deep cleaning activities.

Of course, this is dependent on how frequent your Airbnb accommodation has been rented out. A deep clean will be helpful to you in maintaining that top condition for your accommodation. These deep-cleaning and maintenance services can be scheduled to be carried out either quarterly or twice per year.

  • Supply Quality Monitoring

Having enough extras like the toiletries goes a long way in your ratings. The quality of the properties in your accommodation is also another extra for providing that comfortable environment for your guests. You wouldn’t want to be caught up not having enough toiletries at inappropriate hours.

Monitoring your supplies and keeping the standard will keep your guests happy and help you keep those high ratings.

  • Repairs And General Maintenance

Dealing with damages is one of the things you will have to put up with and be on top of overtime.

One of the recommended ways is to take pictures of these after every guest leave by your cleaning service. This will help you inspect your accommodation space well and proffer solutions before the next guest arrives.


Accompanying this great passive income channel is some stress that you can only properly manage but not avoided.

The above-listed points are part of the ways through which you can automate your Airbnb Cleaning Service London and make them stress-free for you.