Is it necessary to do an End of Tenancy cleaning London?

Are you wondering, ‘most people clean their houses before they move in, so why should I clean mine when I am leaving? You are not alone! This is a rather common question among tenants. However, if you think of it from the perspective of the tenant who is moving in, it makes perfect sense. Aside from the tenant agreement, every tenant has a personal obligation to leave the property they are moving out of in presentable state. In simple terms, the condition it was when they were moving in is the same condition it should be when they are moving out. What is it then that you should look out for as the exiting tenant? 

Free of rubbish

Any form of debris and food waste should be considered as trash and therefore taken out from the house. Apart from this being an eye sore, food remains can produce pungent smells when left to rot. To easily avoid leaving trash lying around, request for extra garbage bags from your garbage company to have room for extra rubbish that may result from the move. 

Free of pet hairs

Do you have pets? They will most certainly shed off their fur. Cleaning pet fur that has accumulated on rugs and carpets can be a daunting process. The task may however take less time and yield better results if end of tenancy cleaning London service providers are contracted to do it. Pet hairs can be a sensitive aspect in a new house especially for those who are allergic or intolerance of pets. 

Free of wall marks

If you have small children, then you are familiar with their tendency to wipe off paint, dirt and food on walls and other surfaces. These marks can be annoying and so should be removed when moving houses. Imagine how you would react if your new house had finger marks of dust, stains or dirt – not happy? Walls should be made to be as clear as possible for the new tenant. 

Free of mold and mildew

As a result of high humidity and poor ventilation, some houses develop mold and mildew over time. This right here is a health hazard because respiratory disease may result. Aside from that, mold can eat away on wooden and cloth surfaces resulting in huge losses. 

Most End of tenancy cleaning London disputes are usually as a result of a tenant who refuses to leave a house in the same condition they found it. Want to walk away with your house deposit? Clean that house and get professional such as End of Tenancy Cleaners from Citi Clean London. In that way you are surely to get your full deposit back.